In our Science Policy Department we aim to defend the interests and rights of Spanish scientists both in the UK and in Spain. We act as the face of SRUK/CERU to deal with institutions, organisations or political parties.

We are an open and diverse committee with members from different disciplines and varied levels of research experience, who have knowledge of the research career in several European countries.

Our initiatives

Spanish R&D system

Based on our knowledge of the British R&D system, we regularly submit recommendations to foster the Spanish R&D system.

Brexit negotiations

We have took an active role in defending the interests and rights of Spanish scientists during the Brexit negotiations.


Please get in touch with us by sending a mail to

We are always happy to get new members on board! We are open to all profiles, so send us a mail if you would like to collaborate.

Members of our committee

Our committee was founded in 2015, with Lorenzo Melchor as its first director. The following directors were Eduardo Oliver (starting in autumm 2015), Emma Martínez (starting in summer 2016), Fidel Alfaro Almagro together with Javier Escudero (starting in autumn 2017) and Sergio Perez (starting in summer 2018). Pablo Izquierdo has been the current director since June 2019.

Our diverse and open committee is now formed by more than 15 members from different backgrounds and who are at various career stages.

Meet Our Team

SRUK/CERU is composed by 8 active constituencies, 4 departments and 4 committees, with over 125 volunteers working on a daily basis