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At SRUK/CERU, we have a personal commitment to support researchers at all levels, helping on their journey through success with funding for every stage of their career.

From the SRUK/CERU Emerging Talent Award to providing support through studentships and fellowships to participate in international research conferences or mobility programs, here you will find all the funding opportunities that SRUK/CERU is currently offering.

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Roving Director
The Roving Director is in charge of managing all aspects related to our grants and fellowships detailed below. Together with the Board of Directors, the Roving Director draws the calls of each year, coordinates the applications and sends them to the SRUK/CERU Evaluation Committee for evaluation. The Roving Director is also responsible for drawing the SRUK/CERU Awards calls, receiving applications and sending them to the SRUK/CERU Science Advisory Board  for evaluation, as well as assisting applicants during the submission and awarding process.

Our Grants and Awards
These are the funding opportunities we have available for our SRUK/CERU members.

SRUK/CERU Emerging Talent Award

The objective of this award is to support a young Spanish researcher with an outstanding professional career in the UK while facilitating the dissemination of their research in both Spanish and British societies.

SRUK/CERU Professional Development Grants

These grants are open to Regular Members only and are aimed at supporting the total or partial costs of travel, registration fees, and/or accommodation of early-career researchers (undergraduate students, post-graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers) from all research fields to an international research conference worldwide to present their research. In addition, they can also be used to cover the costs of organising a research workshop or course.

SRUK/CERU On the Move Fellowships

The objective of this programme is to strengthen international collaborations between PhD students and researchers in the UK (SRUK/CERU members) and Spain (CRUE Universities and research institutes) to promote the contact between research groups in both countries

SRUK/CERU Studentships

The goal of these studentships is to support and strengthen the practical skills of Spanish students by covering the costs of the internships at those research facilities where Regular Members of SRUK/CERU have offered to host them. If you are a SRUK/CERU member and you would like to host one of these students at your research laboratory, you will also be able to gain leadership skills, enrich your CV, and create networks with Spanish universities. 

SRUK/CERU Merit Award

This award, which is delivered every two years, recognises the outstanding career of a Spanish researcher who has significantly contributed to their research field and has had a big impact on the wider society.