Rafael Carrascosa Marzo

C-director of Science Policy Department

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

Originally, I studied biotechnology with a focus on nanomedicine in Valencia, developing and studying drug-delivery systems such as therapeutic polymers and silica nanoparticles capable of enhanced diffusion. This research led me away from Spain and acquainted me with the international academic field. Following my scientific curiosity, I started a PhD on DNA-based, self-assembling structures, their design and applications, in Oxford, under a Marie Curie grant within the DNA-Robotics Innovative Training Network. I am currently dividing my time between a postdoc continuing my PhD project, and a role as a science policy officer for a European project on science advise.
I am interested in applying the knowledge and transversal skills acquired during my formative years in informing science policy; providing comprehensible and comprehensive reports to stakeholders involved in policy-making, while aiding in the coordination and management of the efforts of research networks.