Diego Sainz de la Maza

Member of the Science Policy Department

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

After obtaining his degree in Biology at Complutense University in Madrid, Diego started a 2-year degree in Biochemistry in the same university. During his last year, he was awarded an Erasmus grant and performed a 1-year research project at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow. Under the supervision of Dr. Marie Boyd, Diego studied the role of NF-KB signalling in the development of radio- and chemoresistance in cancer cells.
After that, Diego went back to Madrid and obtained a MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Autonomous University and joined Dr. Maria Paz de Miguel’s lab as a PhD student in the Foundation for Biomedical Research of Hospital La Paz. During these years, Diego studied the mechanisms involved in cell reprogramming using mouse primordial germ cells as an experimental model.
In October 2017, Diego joined Dr. Marc Amoyel’s lab at the University of Bristol as a postdoctoral research associate. He studies the mechanisms involved in stem cell competition, using Drosophila melanogaster testis as a model. Currently, he is working in the same lab at the University College London.