Public Engagement

One of the aims of SRUK/CERU is to bridge the gap between researchers and the public to increase the awareness of science and research and their applications in our daily lives. To meet this goal, SRUK/CERU volunteers constantly develop public engagement activities such as the radio program En Fase Experimental and the SRUK/CERU Blog1,2,3… Explore!”, alongside scientific outreach contests such as Science-me a Story, Investigación EnFoco, and Inktober. Scroll down to discover more!

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Science Communication

What scientific communication activities do we organise?

En Fase Experimental

We communicate the latest developments in science and technology on our podcast En Fase Experimental.

SRUK/CERU Blog “1, 2, 3… Explore!”

SRUK/CERU researchers go public in our SRUK/CERU Blog “1,2,3…Explore!”

Instagram Committee

Our team of content creators brings our initiatives closer to our SRUK/CERU members through Instagram.

Science, Art & Literature

How do we use art and literature to bring science closer to everyone?

Science-me a Story

Our scientific stories for children competition aims to promote the use of short stories and tales as a tool to communicate science.

Design Committee

By blending science and art, our Design Committee brings light and colour to our initiatives and social media communications.

‘En Foco’ Committee

Investigación En Foco‘ is the first SRUK/CERU photography contest for all the SRUK/CERU members and Friends with the aim to share our daily research through images.

Inktober with a scientific twist

Collaborative science outreach challenge based on Inktober with a scientific twist!


How do we keep researchers in specialised areas engaged within their field?

Cancer Committee

The SRUK/CERU Cancer Committee promotes a European network of young researchers in the field of cancer.