Science Policy

From the Science Policy Department, we promote the development and improvement of the Spanish research, development and innovation system by using our knowledge on how this system works in the United Kingdom and other countries. We also defend the interests and rights of Spanish researchers both in the UK and in Spain and represent SRUK/CERU in dealing with institutions, organisations and political parties.

Our main objectives are:


  • Representing the interests of Spanish researchers in the UK before British and Spanish institutions.
  • Providing scientific advice to the public and private organisations interested in developing policies related to the scientific community or with the research and development system.
  • Supporting Spanish scientific and technological development through international collaboration.

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Research Highlights

Spanish R&D system

Based on our knowledge of the British R&D system, we provide recommendations to foster the Spanish R&D system.

Brexit negotiations

We have taken an active role in defending the interests and rights of Spanish scientists during the Brexit negotiations.