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In the 2020 Staff statistical report published by Advance Higher Education, it is observed that 42% of women work in STEM in the UK versus 58% of male. Nevertheless, the representation of women in the top positions drops to 31% vs 69% of male. At SRUK/CERU, 50% of our members are women and we believe that from our committee we could help to promote  gender equity and diversity in research both within our organisation and beyond. 

With the different projects that we are running within our committee our aims are 1) to empower women scientists at their working place, 2) to design activities to target girls at school age to encourage a career in Science and 3) to organise family-friendly activities to make them accessible to all our members no matter their family circumstances.

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Women in Research

Our Objectives

  • For women scientists:

Promote women research careers by empowering them and providing them the right tools to fight discrimination at the working place, by encouraging their professional development during their research career through capacity building, leadership and self-esteem activities among others.

Support a work-family balance by encouraging measures that facilitate the development of a research career while having family care responsibilities through support, organization of “family-friendly” events, groups where experiences are shared, etc.

  • For school teachers of future women scientists: 

Encourage a career in Science to girls at school age through different activities adapted to their age where either other women scientists play a role model or using tales written by women scientists. 

  • For the general public: 

Raise awareness of the role of women in research by giving visibility to the work of women in science, disseminating the relevance of the research carried out by women, and highlighting the equality of the capacities of both genders in research as well as in leadership and management.

For women scientists:

Promoting Equity and fighting discrimination on women in STEM careers.

Events to empower women scientists in STEM careers: promotion of their valuable work, give tools to those who face difficulties at work for their gender. We run all types of events: round tables, 11F, seminars, documentaries, etc.

For school teachers of future women scientists:

Awakening Vocations in STEM

With the Children’s Workshop ‘Awakening Vocations in STEM‘, we aim to help to break down gender stereotypes and preconceptions at school age through a female scientist as role model, while children experience the joy of Science and Research.

For school teachers of future women scientists:

Science with a Tale

In this project, our goal is to stimulate scientific curiosity in children using tales written by female scientists and exercise cards. This is a collaborative project with Ciencia-me un Cuento.

Our Research – What have we been working on?

2018 SRUK/CERU Survey on Gender Equality in Research

Results from the 2018 SRUK/CERU Survey on Gender Equality in Research in Spain were presented the 23rd of September in Madrid at Fundación COTEC. This survey, which collected data from researchers in more than 60 institutions in Spain and which was designed based on previous surveys in the UK, has examined researchers’ experiences, expectations and perceptions of gender equality in Spanish institutions.