What is SRUK/CERU?

SRUK/CERU was created in July 2011 (officially established in June 2012) to promote communication within the community of Spanish Researchers working in the United Kingdom by creating a social network that facilitates the sharing of professional and life experiences. The association has encouraged this communication via the establishment of Constituencies throughout the UK and Departments and Committees supporting our activity.

During all these years of intense and pioneering work, SRUK/CERU has consolidated as a society that brings together Spanish researchers in the UK to give them a united voice that impacts society, influences science policy and closes the gap between researchers in the UK and Spain.

Our Objectives

What do we do and who are we?

Social Network

Creating a social network of researchers and students working in the United Kingdom. We want to facilitate the arrival of the new members, to offer advice, and to share professional and life experiences.

Science Communicators

Increasing social awareness of Research and Development (R&D) in the public opinion of both British and Spanish societies. It is our wish to bridge the existing gap between scientists and the general public by holding seminars, roundtables, conferences and an annual symposium.

Science Representatives

Representing Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom to British and Spanish organizations, society and the media. We aim to serve as scientific advisors for both public and private organizations, because we believe our knowledge and experience as professionals are worth sharing.

Scientific Mediators

Facilitating collaborations between both private and public British and Spanish R&D institutions. It is our opinion that exploring and establishing collaboration between the UK and Spain will bear fruits in the long run.

SRUK/CERU is an independent and non-profit organisation created by and for researchers, without any political affiliation.

Annual Reports

Each year, at the end of the academic term, the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom presents its report of activities where all events, collaborations, and the economic movements of our association are detailed.

Our effort was recognized with the Innovative Institution Award 2016 from the Innovative Companies Forum (FEI).