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“En Fase Experimental” is a radio podcast produced by the SRUK Radio Team at the Press Department of SRUK/CERU.

It includes the latest scientific news, future SRUK/CERU events and interviews with Spanish researchers, serving as the perfect platform to reach and inspire the general public. The content of the podcast is generated in Spanish.

Our team is always looking for new ideas, approaches and profiles for the podcasts. Feel free to contact us!

Current Team Members

Our Committees

Carlos Bricio

Editor of "En Fase Experimental" at SRUK Radio
Our Backstage

Laura Martínez Maestro

Co-director of SRUK radio
Our Backstage

David Ruiz Izuriaga

Director of the North West Constituency | Co-director of SRUK Radio | Member of Instagram Committee

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Our team is now formed by codirectors and copresenters Laura Martínez Maestro and David Ruiz Izuriaga!