2018/2019 “On the Move” Fellowships




We are very pleased to announce our first edition of the novel “On the Move” Fellowships, a bidirectional international mobility programme organised by SRUK and CRUE, the largest association of Spanish Universities.

The objective of this programme is to strengthen international collaborations between PhD students and researchers in the UK (SRUK members) and Spain (CRUE Universities) to:

  • Promote the contact between research groups in both countries
  • Encourage the participation in European programmes
  • Make visible in the UK the Spanish Universities
  • Help researchers in Spain to establish contacts and gain experience with British groups
  • Help researchers in the UK to contact with Spanish research groups to apply for return fellowships of European funding projects.


The programme offers a funded research stay between 3 and 6 months to:

  • Pre- and post-doctoral researchers working at Spanish CRUE Universities and without a permanent position (giving priority to pre-doctoral researchers)
  • Pre- and post-doctoral SRUK researchers (including research fellows) (including research fellows) without a permanent position at British Universities (giving priority to post-doctoral researchers)This new initiative will be developed in 4 different stages in 2018/2019:

Phase 1 (CLOSED) (10th of September 2018-EXTENDED DEADLINE 19th of November): Expression of interest

Phase 1 will compile Spanish Universities and research hosting groups in Spain and in the UK interested in the admission of researchers for these stays during 2019. For this propose:

  • The Spanish Universities should register as SRUK organisation at this link and SRUK will contact with them to arrange their participation
  • The hosting groups (in Spain and the UK) should complete the “Hosting Group form” and send this to their Universities in the case of Spanish hosting groups or to [email protected] in the case of UK hosting groups.

Phase 2 (CLOSED)  ( from 20th November 2018 to 18th January 2019): Participants

The researchers interested in these funded stays should be SRUK members to participate in the programme (see memberships) (Notice 1 that researchers in Spain will access as SRUK Friends, with a free membership).

After the access to their SRUK member account they will choose, through the On the Move database (see details at the pic below), the hosting research groups in Spain or in the UK and will complete the” Applicant´s Form” and other documentation detailed at the call. This will be sent to:

  • In case of research applicants in Spain, to the Spanish Universities
  • In case of SRUK members in the UK, to [email protected]

Notice 2. Only the researchers in Spain belonging to the spanish universities enrolled in the programme can enjoy the ON the Move stays.

Notice 3: If you do not find a suitable research group we will help you to find one, in the UK (through SRUK) or in Spain (through the choosen university)


Phase 3 CLOSED (it will open from 21th January to 10th of March as late):Evaluation

During this stage, the Evaluator Committee will take the decision of the participants awarded according to the selection criteria described at the call.

Phase 4 (open)  (it will open as late as 11th March): Stay

The final results will be public and the awardees will have a period of one year from the contact day to enjoy their stays at the chosen destination. The awardees should complete a summary report of the research performed during the fellowship at the end of their stays.

12-03-2019. We are managing the final checks. We will communicate within this week with the awardees.

22-04-2019. Final results are available at the members area/international collaborations


For all the details of the call, follow this link.For the forms, download the “Hosting Group form” and “Applicant´s form”.

For any question, write to [email protected]