We are glad to announce the 2nd of a Series of Webinars between SRUK and ASEICA (Spanish Association for Cancer Research), as a result of our recently established collaboration. These Webinar Series cover cutting-edge topics in cancer research explained by world-renowned researchers based in Spain and in the United Kingdom. In this 2nd joint Webinar, Dr Dominic Rothwell (Cancer Research UK-Manchester Institute, Manchester, United Kingdom) and Dr Eloisa Jantus Lewintre (Molecular  Oncology Laboratory @ General University Hospital Research Foundation, University of Valencia)  will describe how liquid biopsies will revolutionized the future of cancer diagnosis and treatment.



18:30-18:40 Welcome – Dr Angélica Santiago Gómez. Posdoctoral Research Associate | Breast Biology Group | Manchester Cancer Research CentreManchester

18:40 – 19:00 “The clinical utility of CTC’s and ctDNA: are we there yet?” – Dr Dominic Rothwell.Cancer Research UK-Manchester Institute, Manchester, United Kingdom

19:05 – 19:25 “Liquid biopsies an important tool for the implementation of precision oncology. The example of non-small cell lung cancer”. Dr Eloisa Jantus Lewintre. Molecular  Oncology Laboratory @ General University Hospital Research Foundation, University of Valencia


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About the Speakers:

Dr Dominic Rothwell is a Senior Scientist at the Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Group within the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute in Manchester (United Kingdom). His current research focuses on the molecular analysis of blood borne biomarkers for use in cancer, particularly on utilising circulating tumours cells (CTC) and circulating free DNA (cfDNA) to enable the molecular characterisation of tumours from patients’ blood.





Dr Eloisa Jantus Lewintre

Eloisa Jantus is the Head of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory (Carlos Camps` group) and professor of Molecular Biology of Cancer in the Department of Biotechnology at Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has been working in the search of new prognostic biomarkers (immune-related) in resectable lung cancer, and recently the goal of her lab is to isolate, characterize and analyze the lung CSC populations (isolated from patients). Dr Jantus has also an extensive experience  in the analysis biomarkers in liquid biopsies (saliva, plasma, CTCs).