Communication Department

The Communication department is the online face of SRUK/CERU in charge of the several communication channels with which we can increase the society’s visibility world-wide.

Our team keeps expanding, with more than 30 members and 4 sub-committees, targeting different aspect of our communications. Furthermore, our volunteers learn about scientific communication, discovery dissemination, and social networks.

Want to learn how to better communicate science? Join our team!

Current Team Members

Elisabet Batlle Rocafort

Director of the Communication and Online Department| Chair of the Instagram committee

Sandra Álvarez Carretero

Co-editor-in-chief of the SRUK Blog | Secretary of the London constituency | SRUK Webmaster

Maribel I. García-Ibáñez

Online Manager of the Cambridge Constituency

Luis Moliner Cachazo

Communication Manager of SRUK Press & Blog

David Ruiz Izuriaga

Director of the North West Constituency | Co-director of SRUK Radio | Member of Instagram Committee

Larissa Zárate García

Member of the Wom=en Equity & Reserach Committee | Communication Manager of the London Constituency

Laura Bravo Merodio

Interim director of Midlands Constituency | Comms Manager of Midlands Constituency

Miguel Ángel Aleñá

Treasurer and Comms Manager Midlands

Helena Rodríguez Caro

Comms Manager of the Oxford Constituency

Paula Sotelo Parrilla

Secretary of the Scotland constituency | Member of the Instagram committee | Member of the Design committee | Comms Manager of Scotland Constituency

Enric Arasanz Picher

Comms Manager of Yorkshire constituency | Member of the Instagram committee.

Isabel Peset Martin

Co-organiser of Science-me a Story | Comms Manager of the NorthWest Constituency

Sara Alvira de Celis

Comms Manager and Member of the International Collaborations Department

Alba Rodriguez-Meira

Comms Manager of Cancer Committee

Clara Domingo Sabugo

Comms Manager of Cancer Committee

Alba Iglesias Vilches

Co-organiser & Comms Manager of Science-me a Story

Pablo Duro Ocaña

Comms Manager of EnFoco

Cecilia Huertas Fernández-Espartero

Comms Manager and Member of EnFoco Committee

Daniel Castillo

Member of the Online and Science Policy departments

Miguel Cacho Soblechero

Ex-Director of the Communications and Online department

Teresa Rodriguez Muñoz

Comms Manager of SouthWest

Beatriz Castejón Vega

Director of the Press Department | Member of Instagram Committee

Laia Ràfols Parellada

Secretary of the Yorkshire constituency | Member of the Instagram Committee.

Loreto Gestoso

Vice-director London Constituency | Member of the Instagram and Design Committees

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More about our Comms Department

Our team focuses on 4 main areas:

– Our Website: Our volunteers build and manage our website, helping all SRUK initiatives to become digital
– Our Social Networks: Our team of influencers share our SRUK updates on Social Media, both on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and most recently Instagram
– Our YouTube Channel: Our YouTube team generate all the video content for our YouTube Channel
– Our Design Team: Our team of creators and artist put a touch of colour to our publications, creating custom designs for our campaigns