Ana Viñuela

Member of the Communications Department | Member of the International Collaborations Department

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

Dr. Ana Viñuela is group leader at the Newcastle University since 2020, when she was awarded a Newcastle University Academic Track (NUAcT) Fellowship to work on Data Science for Health. Her research aims to understand the changes at a molecular level that allow some individuals to remain healthy with age, while others develop age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2D). Dr. Viñuela’s group uses computational methods to combine molecular phenotypes from sequencing and high-throughput methods with statistical genetics and machine learning methods for their research.

Ana joined SRUK in 2012 as a funding member and while she was living in London and conducting postdoctoral research at the King’s College University. She was part of the early stages of the SRUK online department, member of the Science Policy committee and interim Director of the London Constituency (2014). After her period in London, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland, for a postdoctoral research position. Back to UK, she re-joined the active members of SRUK and is the director the newly formed North East Constituency where she hopes to consolidate SRUK in the region with the help of the members of the working group.