Public Engagement workshop series (I): ALBA ASSOCIATION

On September 16, the SRUK Scottish constituency developed a public engagement workshop in collaboration with Alba Association. Alba Association is a Spanish-speakers association, so Spanish was used in the workshop.



Six of our members – Alba Abad, Natalia Torrea, Susana de Lucas, Nacho Jimenez, Ana Rodriguez and Beatriz Larraz – used some printouts and a felt model to explain how DNA gest packed into chromosomes in the cells and why this process is important for cell division.

Among the activities carried out in the workshop:

  • After showing the felt model of DNA packing, they employed headphones and pompons/pipecleaners to show the children how DNA packing works.
  • A mitosis puzzle was used to explain why DNA packing is important for cell division.
  • Finally, children took part in a game in which they had to separate packed and unpacked DNA from the mother cell.

Supported by: the Wellcome Trust Centre for cell biology.