Public Engagement workshop series (II): BANG GOES THE BORDERS FESTIVAL

On September 23, the SRUK Scottish constituency participated in the Bang Goes the Borders Festival with the public engagement activity The Journey of the DNA.





Some of our members – Natalia Trrea, Alba Abad, Susana de Lucas and Mario Gonzalez – used some printouts and a felt model to explain how DNA gets packed into chromosomes inside the cells and why this process is important for cell division.

Among the activities carried out in the workshop:

  • After showing the felt model of DNA packing, they employed headphones and pompons/pipecleaners to show the children how DNA packing works.
  • A mitosis puzzle was used to explain why DNA packing is important for cell division.
  • Finally, children took part in a game in which they had to separate packed and unpacked DNA from the mother cell.

Supported by: the Wellcome Trust Centre for cell biology.