The department serves the main objectives of SRUK/CERU as seen here our activities include:

  • Disseminating the research related work of SRUK/CERU members.
  • Promoting an understanding between researchers and the general public as well as increasing science awareness.
  • Keeping SRUK/CERU members up to date with the latest news in science, technology and innovation.
  • Providing SRUK/CERU members with a social network that encourages debates, seminars, scientific collaborations and social gatherings.
  • Partnering with other Scientific Societies outside and within the UK.
  • Advertising activities of SRUK/CERU: events, seminars, roundtables, symposia, conferences and meetings in UK and Spain.


The Online Department is currently composed by more than twenty researchers and is headed by Miguel Cacho Soblechero.

If you wish to contact SRUK/CERU community managers you can contact us on our official email [email protected] or through our social network profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Meet Our Team

SRUK/CERU is composed by 8 active constituencies, 4 departments and 4 committees, with over 125 volunteers working on a daily basis