The department serves the main objectives of SRUK/CERU as seen here our activities include:

  • Disseminating the research related work of SRUK/CERU members.
  • Promoting an understanding between researchers and the general public as well as increasing science awareness.
  • Keeping SRUK/CERU members up to date with the latest news in science, technology and innovation.
  • Providing SRUK/CERU members with a social network that encourages debates, seminars, scientific collaborations and social gatherings.
  • Partnering with other Scientific Societies outside and within the UK.
  • Advertising activities of SRUK/CERU: events, seminars, roundtables, symposia, conferences and meetings in UK and Spain.


If you wish to contact SRUK/CERU community managers you can contact us here:

Initially established in November 2012 to coordinate the network profiles and the website of SRUK/CERU, our department has been growing steadily ever since.

Lorenzo Melchor started the Society’s Facebook and Twitter account and once the department was established, Beatriz Lorente-Cánovas was its first director (2012-13), followed by Andrea Alenda (2013-14) and Sandra Pérez Garrido (2014-15).

The Online Department is currently composed of twenty researchers and is headed by Judit García-González.

Today we are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn along with the official website.


Meet Our Team

SRUK/CERU is composed by 8 active constituencies, 4 departments and 4 committees, with over 125 volunteers working on a daily basis