International Collaborations Department

The Department of International Collaborations bridges the collaboration gap between Spain and the UK, contributing to the success of both R&D systems.

Our team of volunteers works on establishing bilateral agreements between institutions and managing mobility fellowships. They develop useful soft skills such as negotiation, grant policy, project management and understanding of international relationships.

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Current Team Members

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Desirée Villahermosa Caballero

Director of the Department of International Collaborations
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Pilar Acedo

Roving Director
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Sara Alvira de Celis

Comms Manager and Member of the International Collaborations Department
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Jose Luis Chinestra Colom

International Collaborations Department

Ignacio Tolosana

Member of the Department of International Collaborations

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More about our International Collaborations

The Department of International Collaborations was officially established in July 2016 and since then we have been facilitating mutual collaboration between our members in the UK and Spanish research institutions.

We focus on some key aspects:

1- International agreements- Facilitate collaborations and increase visibility of both Spanish and British research groups.

2- International movement- Provide a connection platform and foster bidirectional mobility of researchers at different stages of their career enabling stronger relationships between the research groups.

3- Career development- Organise workshops and seminars and we improve the career prospects of both visitor and supervisor in our mobility grants.

4- Networking and Information- Organise networking activities and informative events. We study how Brexit affects research mobility, and in particular the implications on the programmes we offer, to support our members.