SRUK Studentships – Summer Edition 2020


The Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU) is pleased to announce the launch of the third edition of the SRUK Summer Studentships. These studentships will support the visit of undergraduate/masters students from Spanish Universities to research groups in the UK.

The goal of these studentships is to support and strengthen the practical skills of Spanish students and in the meantime as a supervisor in the UK, to gain leadership skills and enrich your CV (Honorary Lecturer recognition. See details below) and to create networks with the Spanish Universities.  Funding is limited and awards will be made in a competitive basis on research excellence, student training, the CV of the applicant, and expected impact to the host. SRUK members interested in hosting a summer student must apply before March 4th 2020 (20:00 GMT)


  • Up to thirty studentships are available in the areas of Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics, Nutrition and Food Technology.
  • Studentships will last between two and four months
  • Studentships will take place between 1st June and 30th December 2020
  • Studentships provide the funding for the mobility of the student (through the Erasmus+ programme or another ways), but it does not provide funding for consumables or student fees.
  • Applicants may use the award to attract additional funding


  • This grant is open to all (students, junior and senior) SRUK/CERU regular and associate members of the Society that want to act as host for summer students. Non-members can apply only after submitting their membership registration.
  • Supervisor applications will be evaluated by a joint Committee composed of members of ‘Fellowships’ and ‘International’ Working Groups. Members of the Evaluation Committee will not be eligible. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:
  • Research Excellence (point 2 of the application form, evaluated up to a maximum of 25 points);
  • Student training (points 3, 4 and 5, evaluated up to a maximum of 25 points in total)
  • Impact of the studentship in the applicant’s career (point 6 of the application form, evaluated up to 25 points)
  • The CV of the applicant (evaluated up to 25 points)

Selection Student-Supervisor:

The pre-assignation student-supervisor is designed to facilitate the management of the programme with the main objective to find the optimal match student-supervisor. This selection will be based on the academic criteria of the students and the selection experience from the Spanish Universities in this kind of programmes.

The selection criteria between the selected host (SRUK supervisor) and trainee (Spanish student) will be based on the following steps:

  • 1: Students will choose their preferred hosting groups among the offer of given projects by the host supervisors (applicants of this call)
  • 2: The Spanish Universities will match the expertise and requirements from the supervisor (time of mobility, degree, experience requirements,…) with the academic level and predisposition of the students. The Spanish University will justify to supervisors and SRUK the reason for the match and the demand and waiting list of students to a given hosting group. The supervisor will have a chance to accept students under the waiting list.
  • 3: After the pre-assignation and communication, the supervisor will have 10 days to interview the students. In the event of any disagreement with the pre-assignation, the University/SRUK will provide the contact of other students in the waiting list. The Spanish Universities and SRUK will manage the online interviews for the host and pre-selected students.
  • 4: Universities will arrange the final matching of the candidates with a host and communicate to the host and SRUK the final resolution.

Detailed dates of the process will be provided after the submission deadline.


  • You must download and complete the following Application Form, and submit it together with your CV (max 2 pages) as a single pdf file.
  • Applications must be filled in English.

The deadline for SRUK Summer Studentships 2020 is 20:00 GMT on Wednesday 4th March 2020.

Please email your application to [email protected] using the subject line “SRUK  Summer Studentships 2020: Name of the applicant”.

Further Details

  • The Spanish Universities involved in this call are the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Facultad de Ciencias) and Universidad de Zaragoza (Facultad de Ciencias)
  • The students coming from UAM will be financed by the Erasmus+ programme. Students from UniZar may be financed by the Erasmus+ programme depending on the stay dates.
  • The students will be fully covered with insurance from Universities and/or European programmes.
  • Those supervisors in the UK will be officially recognized by the Spanish Universities as Honorary Lectures only in case this supervision includes ECTS credits for the students.
  • At the end of the studentship, SRUK Researchers (hosts) must complete a survey about their experience in the studentship. This could be used by SRUK/CERU for improving next calls. They may also be invited to participate in scientific outreach activities organised by SRUK/CERU, such as a Science in the Pub event, a Pint of Knowledge event or entries in the SRUK/CERU blog.
  • Participants (students and hosts) may be invited and funded to attend a scientific symposium by the participant Spanish Universities in 2020/2021 (event to be confirmed).
  • As an example of the successful first edition with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a video of the closure ceremony with students and supervisors can be watched in here.

For further information please contact [email protected].