EnFoco Committee

The EnFoco Committee organises the SRUK/CERU “Investigación en Foco” photography competition, open to SRUK/CERU members and friends. The Committee is composed of a team passionate about photography and science, which sees images and photographs as powerful tools to communicate science.

If you want to join the EnFoco Committee or you would like to know more about the Investigación en Foco contest, do not hesitate to send us your questions to [email protected]!

Current Team Members

EnFoco Committee

Laura Castañar Acedo

Vice-director North West Constituency
Our Backstage

Cecilia Huertas Fernández-Espartero

Comms Manager and Member of EnFoco Committee
EnFoco Committee

Gentzane Sanchez Elexpuru

Secretary of the Cambridge Constituency
Our Backstage

Pablo Duro Ocaña

Comms Manager of EnFoco

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What is "Investigación en Foco"?

“Investigación en Foco” is the first Photography Competition organised by the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU).

This competition aims to reinforce the need and beauty of our daily research in all fields through images, which can make it more accessible to a broad audience. Investigación En Foco is a unique opportunity for SRUK/CERU researchers to capture their work and share it differently.