'EnFoco' Committee

The ‘En Foco’ committee is composed of a team passionate about photography and research, sharing the same idea of combining both tools to disseminate and communicate research in a 100% visual manner.

The committee organises the SRUK/CERU ‘Investigación Εn Foco’ photography competition, open to SRUK/CERU members and SRUK/CERU friends.

The photography contest is open to all SRUK/CERU regular members as well as SRUK/CERU associate members and SRUK/CERU friends who wish to capture the beauty of their work related to any field of research.

Learn more about our past editions by following this link.

Current Team Members

Our Backstage

Alba Fernández Sanlés

Head of the Outreach Department
'EnFoco' Committee

Andrés García Sampedro 

'EnFoco' Committee

Gentzane Sanchez Elexpuru

Secretary of the Cambridge Constituency
Our Backstage

Berta Gallego Páramo

Member of the working group of the London Constituency | Member of the Outreach Department | Design Committee member

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