The Science-me a Story Book


Cover of the Science-me a Story book by Blanca Millán

The contest of Science-me a Story turned four this past October. During these past four years, we have received over 600 stories in either English or Spanish from over 50 different countries. The contest has grown into a worldwide-followed initiative that involves writers, Science engagers and researchers among other people with a common goal: to pass their passion of Science to children.

The annual publication online of the awarded stories contributes to reach the public. But this year, we are to be congratulated. For the first time, Science-me a story has published a book. The 20 awarded stories of the first three editions have been compiled in a 300-page hardback: Science-me a Story. Stories for young researchers. The edition is bilingual in English and Spanish. This ensures that practically anyone in the world can read it. Moreover each of the stories comes with its own illustrations. Seventeen volunteers have worked hand in hand with the authors to bring colour and images to their stories. The result is a book that everyone can enjoy while learning about copepods, vaccines, cells and the scientific method. What else can we ask for?

For it to be free. Thanks to the support and sponsorship of Fundación Lilly, the book is available online at their library’s website. You can also download it directly here. We do have some hardcopies available that we are willing to donate to anyone that will use the book in Science engagement activities. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Presenting Science-me a Story

Finally, on the 10th of November, we presented the book at the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid. Quique Royuela, Laura Ibáñez-Tejero and Bárbara de Aymerich discussed how stories can help children learn. If you missed it, you can still watch it in the video below. The video is only available in Spanish.

Presentation of Science-me a Story