Wo/Men Professional Development webinar: Mentoring for women, helping you to improve your career


Having an appropriate mentor can be crucial in a woman’s career. In this webinar, aimed at both women who seek a mentor to help them progressing in their research career and mentors who want to help their mentees, Mercedes Siles Molina will tell us about the importance of mentoring to help women in STEM. this webinar will take place on the 4th of December at 2.00 pm.

Attendance is free, please register HERE.

Mercedes Siles Molina, chosen among the 100  women  leaders in Spain in 2018, will tell us about her experience in promoting women in STEM through the MatIsShe program, based on 3 main points: mentoring, coaching and visualization of referents. MatEsElla is a joint program between the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society and Eje&Con, an association of executives and directors. In this webinar, Mercedes will tell us about her experience through this program and to interact with the audience in order to see what is relevant for a mentee, what is important when being a mentor and different perspectives to improve the career of women in STEM.

Mercedes Siles Molina is Professor of Algebra at the University of Málaga. Her career is long, fruitful and varied. He leads a research group that attracts researchers from Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Panama and Turkey. His activity knows no borders: to Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Morocco, Mexico, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Senegal, Turkey, Venezuela has become  vicepresident of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society; also as member of the Executive Committee of CEMat and scientific responsible of CIMPA. She devotes special attention to empowering women in the STEM field. She has launched the programs for seniors (LiDES) and for undergraduate and master students (MatEsElla). She has started PiDay Spain and created exhibitions such as El sabor de las Matematicas, exhibited at MoMath (New York). Collaborate with the Escultor Berrocal Foundation. She has published popular books, articles in the press, poetry and stories.