Wom=n Equity & Research Committee

We are a very active committee searching for new volunteers to join us to either help us to run our current initiatives or to bring your own ideas. We will provide all the necessary tools and contacts to make them happen.

If you want to know more about what we do at the Wom=n Equity & Research Committee or you would like to join our team, please contact us at [email protected].

Current Team Members

Lorea Valcarcel

Grupo de trabajo del comité de Mujeres en Ciencia y Equidad

María José Martínez Bravo

Presidenta del comité Mujeres en Ciencia y Equidad

Marta Acebrón García de Eulate

Working Group of Wom=n Equity & Research Committee

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What do we do at the Wom=n Equity and Research Committee?

The Wom=n Equity and Research Committee aims to:

  • For women scientist: Promote women research careers by empowering them and providing them the right tools to fight discrimination at the working place, by encouraging their professional development during their research career through capacity building, leadership and self-esteem activities among others.
    Support a work-family balance by encouraging measures that facilitate the development of a research career while having family care responsibilities through support, organization of “family-friendly” events, groups where experiences are shared, etc.
  • For the school teacher of future women scientists: Encourage a career in Science to girls at school age through different activities adapted to their age where either other women scientists play a role model or using tales written by women scientists.
  • For general public: Raise awareness of the role of women in research by giving visibility to the work of women in science, disseminating the relevance of the research carried out by women, and highlighting the equality of the capacities of both genders in research as well as in leadership and management.