Olaya Muñoz-Azcarate

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While studying Biology at the University of Oviedo (Asturias), my home town, I became interested in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology, and their applications in agriculture, and I have developed my career in this field so far. After a Master in Food Biotechnology, I was granted with a Leonardo da Vinci fellowship, for an internship in the experimental station Rothamsted Research (Hertfordshire). Straight after, I moved to Murcia, where I worked two years as undergraduate researcher in CEBAS-CSIC centre and finished a Master (MSc) in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Due to the lack of funding to finish the PhD in Murcia, I decided to look for other projects and got a FPI fellowship from the Spanish Government to perform a thesis in the Public University of Navarre (Pamplona). My thesis was focused in the study of sulphur metabolism in legume plants (pea, soybean,..) symbiotically associated with soil bacteria that convert atmospheric nitrogen into amino acids available for the host legume (process known as nitrogen fixation), which constitute the highest natural input of nitrogen for agriculture. Currently, I am back in Rothamsted Research since September 2015 working in the characterization of genes involved in the metabolism of native fatty acids in the model plant Arabidopsis and in oilseed crops as rapeseed. I joined SRUK/CERU in October 2015, and since December I became a member of the online department.