Elisabet Batlle Rocafort

Current Board of Directors · Online Department

I’m a pharmacist graduated from the Universitat de Barcelona. After earning considerable experience in several community pharmacies, a year in a hospital pharmacy in Paris, and a short but intense internship in a pharmaceutical industry, I realized my career path was in research. I’m currently doing the PhD in the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, University of Bradford, a drug discovery project focused on developing new therapeutics by targeting aldehyde dehydrogenase imbalances to treat sight-threatening ocular diseases. The project is based on an international collaboration between University of Bradford, UCL Institute of Opthalmology in London and the L V Prasad Eye Institutes in Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar in India.

I’m a very proactive person who enjoys a good conversation. I joined CERU to have the opportunity to meet people who is/has been in the same position that I am right now and so be able to learn from their experiences. I am also very interested in all the work CERU does, with special emphasis in the Woman Equity & Research activities.

We are currently a small group of Spanish people in the University of Bradford. Their support was much appreciated, especially at the beginning, and our regular (and casual) meetings on campus to have lunch and talk about research, hobbies or just everyday life are of great value. I think that being able to translate that relaxed and friendly environment into the constituency board would be helpful for many reasons, especially when having to come up with new ideas!