According to the “Women in Research Survey 2017” conducted by SRUK, 83% of women believe that they do not have the same career development opportunities than men, 60% think that having a child harms their career and more than 40% consider that the extremely competitive environment in research is an obstacle for them. In fact, the so-called “scissor effect” is seen in all reports of women in research.

From SRUK, where 50% of their members are women, we believe it is necessary to work so that we do not lose both talent and diversity. To do this, we want to promote gender equity and diversity in research, both within the association and beyond, by creating a specific Wo/Men Equity & Research Committee.

The objectives of the committee are as follows:

  1. To raise awareness of the role of women in research. Giving visibility to the work of women in science, disseminating the relevance of the research carried out by women, and highlighting the equality of the capacities of both genders in research as well as in leadership and management.
  2. To promote women research careers. Encouraging the professional development of women throughout their research career through mentoring, capacity building, leadership, self-esteem, etc.
  3. To support a work-family balance. Encouraging measures that facilitate the development of a research career while having family care responsibilities through support, organization of “family-friendly” events, groups where experiences are shared, etc.

SRUK Women’s project 2017

Early this year, and within the ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’ we launched the ‘Women in Research Survey 2017’ with the hope to examine researchers’ experiences, expectations and perceptions of gender equality in their respective disciplines and in their institution, from the recruitment process through to leadership. We aimed to use this survey to gain invaluable data that will facilitate recognise the areas for future work. You can see the results of that survey here.

We have also published the first issue of ‘SRUK Women’s Project: A pathway towards gender equality in Research’ where we revisit the survey and the current situation of women across research and academia. You will also have the opportunity to meet five of our members in our series of personal and professional profiles.

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