The SRUK/CERU Mentoring Programme

Success in building a research career does not exclusively depend on having a good career track record. Along your career-building path, it is necessary to acquire additional skills and expertise to wisely plan your next steps, to get to know other expertise in and out your field and to learn how to manage and/or collaborate with students, colleagues and collaborators. This may seem difficult when you have just arrived in a new country or when you do not know enough about the available resources or the next steps in your career. In addition, at some stage, most researchers face the dilemma whether to follow the “traditional” path in academia or to venture into the private sector or new research-related alternatives.

SRUK is aware of the issues that most Spanish researchers will face when developing their research career in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we have designed this scheme to help and support them to maximize their opportunities and plan a successful career path.

The SRUK Mentoring Programme benefits from the diverse range of members’ skills and fields of expertise, as well as from their previous working experience in the British, Spanish and other international systems.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Facilitate matchings
  • Facilitate professional development
  • Support and reward outstanding performance
  • Development of professional relationships
  • Cultivate individual career plans
  • Improve leadership bench strength
  • Provide peer support by sharing knowledge and experience

In this Programme, a mentor and a mentee are matched together according to their research area and expertise, as well as development needs and career ambitions of the mentee.