Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring committee organises our SRUK Mentoring Programme, which is designed to help and support less experienced researchers starting or have recently started a career in the UK. By connecting them to a suitable mentor with expertise in their field of interest, SRUK/CERU aims to maximise new opportunities for mentees and help them plan a successful career path.

Do you need more information about our Mentoring Programme? Would you like to become a mentor or a mentee? If so, please contact us at [email protected].

Current Team Members

Cristina Fernández

Itziar Peñafiel

Member of the Mentoring Committee

Estrella Luna Diez

Member of the Mentoring Committee

Maria Jimenez-Sanchez

Member of the Mentoring Committee

Ana Rio-Machin

Member of the Mentoring Committee

Patricia Forcén

Chair of the Mentoring Committee

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What can you expect from the mentoring programme?

Both mentors and mentees can benefit from our programme:

  • Mentors receive formal training from SRUK/CERU. They will also gain experience in counseling.
  • Mentees get support and expert guidance to plan the next steps in their career (both in Spain and UK).