SRUK/CERU Merit Award

The SRUK/CERU Merit Award is the highest honour awarded by our Society. This biennial award recognises scientific and internationally renowned Spanish researchers based in the UK, with a significant contribution in their field of expertise and an impact on the wider society.

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Our Awardees

Prof Sonia Contera

SRUK/CERU Merit Award 2024 recognises Sonia Contera, Professor of Biological Physics at the University of Oxford, for her prolific and outstanding international career both in Spain and in the UK in the development of nanotechnology and her passion for outreach. 

Prof Carmen Galán

SRUK/CERU Merit Award 2022 recognises Carmen Galán, Professor of Organic and Biological Chemistry at the University of Bristol, for her prolific and outstanding international career both in Spain and in the UK in synthetic organic chemistry, developing synthetic tools for biological and biomedical applications and her continuous contribution to SRUK. 

Prof Esther Rodriguez Villegas

SRUK/CERU Merit Award 2021, recognising her remarkable career and her contributions to the development of low-power electronics, as well as her role as innovator and entrepreneur.

Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer

SRUK/CERU Merit Award 2018, recognising her extensive scientific and internationally renowned career, which has been instrumental in the advance of Science. SRUK/CERU also recognises Prof Maroto-Valer as a prominent role model for women in science and technology.

Prof Alfonso Martínez-Arias

In 2016, Prof Alfonso Martínez-Arias won the SRUK/CERU Lifetime Achievement Award. Professor of Developmental Mechanics at the University of Cambridge, his studies on how cells make decisions about their fates during development led him to a successful research career, recognized internationally.