On The Move Fellowships

The On The Move Fellowships are a bidirectional mobility programme which offers a funded placement of 3 to 6 months to researchers in Spain and United Kingdom.

The programme is organised by CERU in association with the Conference of Deans of Spanish Universities (Crue), the largest association of Spanish Universities.

The objective of this programme is to strengthen international collaborations between PhD students and researchers in the UK (SRUK members) and Spain (Crue Universities and research institutes) to:

  • Promote the contact between research groups in both countries.
  • Encourage the participation in European programmes.
  • Highlight Spanish Universities and affiliated Research Institutes in the UK.
  • Help researchers in Spain to establish contacts and gain experience with British groups.
  • Help researchers in the UK to contact with Spanish research groups to apply for return fellowships of European funding projects.

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