The Yorkshire Constituency is currently formed by a group of researchers at different stages of their careers, with a high number of PhD student and postdoctoral researchers. Our members come from a wide range of fields including life sciences, computer sciences, humanities and social sciences. Their research work is based at different universities in the area, such as the Universities of Bradford, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull and Huddersfield. This unique blend provides a great environment for sharing ideas and experiences.

In the last years, the Yorkshire constituency has organised many academic, social and career development events. It has also recently collaborated with other constituencies in the organization of different events, such as the CineScience and the webinar series “Alternatives to Academia”.

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Interesting Data

Date of constitution
October, 2015

Headquarters city

Contact info
[email protected]

Cities that form the constituency
Bradford, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, and York

Number of members