The Yorkshire Constituency is currently formed by a group of around 30 researchers at different stages of their careers, with a high number of postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. Our members come from a wide range of fields, including life sciences, natural sciences, engineering, computer sciences, humanities and social sciences, and they work at different universities in the area such as the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull and Huddersfield. Our constituency is also working towards establishing a network with other private companies based in these areas. This unique blend provides a great environment for sharing ideas and experiences.

The Yorkshire constituency is one of the most active constituencies in the UK. In the last 2 years, we have organised many academic, social and career development events. In recent years, our annual Christmas Scientific Seminar has become very popular. In 2015 we held a Christmas Seminar about “Energy, environment, economy: the key challenges of our future generation” where Prof Pedro Gomez-Romero (CSIC-ICN, Spain) and Prof Peter Hall (Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield) discussed the links between energy, environment and economy and the many challenges that our society faces. In 2016 our Christmas seminar, “Epigenetics: beyond DNA sequence”, was presented by two world-leading experts in the field: Dr Manel Esteller (IDIBELL, Spain) and Dr Ron Chen (C. elegans group, University of Leeds). We also organize professional workshops.In 2016 we also organized professional a workshops, for example, given by Dr Steve Hutchinson (Hutchinson Training & Development) about on networking techniques.

During 2017 we will organize a cycle of sessions of Cinescience across different cities (Leeds, Sheffield and Hull) to emphasise the importance of science outreach in society by films and the critical role of scientists in this activity. We are looking forward to seeing you there.