The Scottish SRUK/CERU constituency invites all Spanish researchers who live in Scotland to join our community! The aim of our constituency is to serve as a meeting point for Spanish professionals (all fields of research are welcome!), connect Scottish and Spanish institutions (e.g., universities, R&D centres, industry, etc.) and bridge the gap between researchers and wider audiences. Thus, our constituency organises events throughout the year, such as networking sessions, scientific outreach opportunities, workshops to improve our employability and fun social events. Come and meet us!

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Contact us by sending us an email at [email protected].

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Networking with other SRUK/CERU members, opportunities to develop your career… Join us!

More info about the Scotland constituency

Interesting Data

Date of constitution
March, 2015

Headquarters city
Glasgow and Edinburgh

Contact info
[email protected]

Cities that form the constituency
Glasgow and Edinburgh

Number of members