Paula Sotelo Parrilla

Member of the Instagram committee | Member of the Design committee | Comms Manager of Scotland Constituency

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

    I completed an Undergraduate degree in Biochemistry in 2016 by the University of Seville, after which I joined the University of Edinburgh to do a Master of Science in Biochemistry. I have always been passionate about Structural Biology, so I joined the JP lab (University of Edinburgh) in 2018 to start my PhD. My aim is understanding how cell division works at the molecular level by biochemically and structurally characterising key mitotic regulators. I joined SRUK in January 2019 and in February I started to collaborate with the Scotland Constituency working group, in events such as Building Women in Science, Scientific Gatherings I and Pub Quiz: Celebrating women in Science! I took the role of Secretary and Community Manager of the Scotland Constituency in June 2020. Outside the lab, I am passionate about painting, drawing and graphic design. I am an advocate of using new technologies and social media to innovate how we teach and learn.