Dear friends and readers,

Today we welcome our blog “1, 2, 3 … Explore!”. Having an own blog has been in the SRUK’s line of action from the beginning, and now, finally, thanks to the work of the press department group we can release it. With the launch of this initiative, SRUK meets one of its founding objectives: be Science communicators. From this new window we intend to publicize the latest scientific advances being made worldwide, but also to give visibility to the science that is done in Spain and especially science we do Spanish scientists in the UK. From SRUK we believe that the acquired knowledge must be accessible to all audiences. Our wish is to bring scientists closer to the general public through seminars, roundtables, conferences and annual symposia, and now through this scientific blog. By browsing the blog you can stay updated on the most advanced science, strengthen and discover new concepts you did not know before and especially, to explore the world of research from another point of view. In addition, as a complementary tool, we will share with you the most relevant conclusions of all those events of interest that we have been doing: scientific seminars, dissemination in the pub, debates and round tables, meetings and professional development workshops.

In short, from SRUK we want to improve the social awareness of research, development and innovation in both British society and, especially, in Spanish. Undoubtedly, our biggest goal is that this initiative that begins today will prove useful and of your interest, and we invite everyone to participate.

Receive the warmest of welcomes, and now, steady, ready and … “1, 2, 3 … Explore!”


Eduardo Oliver, PhD

President of SRUK