Evaluation Committee

The SRUK/CERU Evaluation committee evaluates internal SRUK/CERU grants such as the SRUK/CERU Professional Development Grants, the SRUK/CERU On the Move Grants, and the scientific proposals for the SRUK/CERU Annual Symposium, among others. In addition to internal affairs, the members of the SRUK/CERU Evaluation Committee also assist in the evaluation of scientific proposals from other organisations, such as the British Spanish Society scholarships.

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Want to join?

If you are interested in grant management and in forming part of our Evaluation Committee, the SRUK/CERU Evaluation Committee is constituted as a pool of volunteers in specific areas, which is then invited to constitute panels for individual calls. To be a member of the Evaluation Committee, you must be a regular member of SRUK/CERU, with a doctoral degree or equivalent experience in research.

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