Design Committee

Being the most artistic team at SRUK/CERU, the Design Committee blends talents from graphic design, art, illustration, and beyond. If you are passionate about graphic design, art, and science equally, or want to learn how art and design can improve your science communication, this is the team for you!

If you want to learn more about our fantastic team and our work, just drop us a message at [email protected].

Current Team Members

Our Committees

Cristina Gallego Páramo

Chair of the Graphic Design committee
Our Backstage

Berta Gallego Páramo

Member of the working group of the London Constituency | Member of the Outreach Department | Design Committee member
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Loreto Gestoso

Director of the London Constituency | Member of the Instagram and Design Committees
Our Backstage

Lara Montolio Nuñez

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More about our Design Committee

The Design Committee main objective is visual communication. We want to make things more beautiful and attractive that, above all, transmit a message to the audience!

Using creativity together with the principles of visual language, the Design Committee aims to help with the SRUK/CERU professional image, improve communications, and attract the audiences to our initiatives and events by designing posters, announcements, logos, and many more!

We started a as Committee on March 2021, and we are open to collaborations with every team at SRUK/CERU.