Susana de Lucas

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 I am from Madrid, where most of my career has developed. After obtaining a Biology degree at the University Autonoma, I joined The Foundation for the Study of Viral Hepatitis, focusing my PhD in Hepatitis C virus infections and non-viral related hepatitis. After a short stay in Dr. Rey-Campos lab´s in the Centre for Biological Research, I moved to Prof. Juan Ortín´s lab at the National Biotechnology Centre as a “Juan de la Cierva” and “Sara Borrell” postdoctoral researcher where I further developed my career in the field of RNA viruses, in particular Influenza virus and its interaction with a cellular protein, Staufen1, involved in the traffic and translation regulation of both viral and non viral mRNAs in the cell. In a mainly predominant DNA world, I find RNA a much more fascinating and versatile molecule. Currently I am studying protein-RNA interactions that take place during the RNA splicing process in S. cerevisiae in Prof. Jean Beggs’ lab (Edinburgh).