Soranyel González

Working group in Wom=n Equity & Research Committee

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

Soranyel Gonzalez completed her Master degree in Organic Chemistry in 2013 and her Ph.D. in Sustainable Chemistry in 2018 at the Universitat de València, Spain. She is currently a postdoctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at Imperial College London. Her research interests are the study of nanomaterials for photoelectronic and photocatalysis applications. Recently her studies focussed on nanoparticles of organic semiconductors for the generation of fuels from solar energy. You can find more about her research here.
In addition to her research work, Soranyel is committed to improve the visibility of Women in Science. In collaboration with other scientists from the University of Valencia, she has organized workshops to bring science to kids and introduce nanoscience and the effects of light on (nano)materials in an educational and fun way.