Nuria Ferrandiz Diaz

Working Group of Wom=n Equity & Research Committee

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

I am a scientist with expanded experience in the genomic instability field. My research career began with two Bachelors in Science (Pharmacy and Biochemistry) from the University of Valencia. Once I finished them, I was particularly interested in studying cancer biology for my PhD training and joined the University of Cantabria (Spain) with the opportunity to do several short stays in the USA (MGH and SUNY). For my postdoctoral training, I moved to the Imperial College in London, where I expanded my experience in chromosome biology during oogenesis. Actually, I am a senior research fellow at Warwick University. I aim to understand the molecular mechanisms that ensure the execution and coordination of chromosome segregation during the cell division process by developing my own independent research career.
Finally, I wish to emphasise the opportunity I have taken to engage in science outreach projects for primary and secondary school pupils and the science fairs. I strongly believe in the importance of delivering science to the next generations and the public in general.