Luis Moliner Cachazo

I obtained my Licentiate degree in Biology in 2009, after that, I moved to Barcelona to study a Master’s degree in Management and Restoration of Natural Environments. It was during my Master’s internship when I became passionate about aquatic ecology and aquatic macroinvertebrates in particular, which led me to study a university extension course about macroinvertebrate taxonomy.

In 2012, I obtained the Erasmus+ grant and moved to the Netherlands to work as a Research Assistant at Alterra-Wageningen University and Research, where I participated in 2 European projects.

After that, and due to the lack of opportunities in Spain, I decided to come to the UK in 2014, pursuing a career in ecology, and I first worked as a Research Assistant at Freshwater Habitats Trust (Oxford).

In my last position, I had the opportunity to work in an international NERC funded project related with climate change in the Arctic as a Research Technician at Imperial College of London but based in the Natural History Museum.