David Ruiz Izuriaga

Member of the Instagram Committee

Involvement in SRUK/CERU

Nowadays, I am in my last year of PhD in the Photon Science Institute in the University of Manchester, finishing my research project materials and corrosion science, under the supervision of Dr. Robert Lindsay.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Navarre in 2016 and my master’s degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from Barcelona University in 2017 before starting the PhD in UK. However, this is not my first British experience as I did a research internship at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland during the 3rd year of my bachelor.

My research is based on the behaviour of different metals´ surfaces under different environmental corrosion conditions and the reactions taking place at the nanoscale, which is of enormous concern for automotive, the oil & gas, and the aerospace industries. On the other hand, I am also an Associate Lecturer both in the Foundation Year at the University of Manchester, and in the Nanoscale Engineering Course at the Open University of UK.

I became a member of CERU in October 2017, as soon as I arrived in Manchester, and joined the working group of the Northwest Constituency in December 2017, first as Online Manager and Secretary, then as Vice-director in 2019, organizing a Symposium in Neuroscience and Neuroeducation, and finally as the director since March 2020. I also started organizing the CineScience Series in Manchester, and now I hope to become the new “David Attenborough” of SRUK as a co-director of this amazing podcast.