SRUK/CERU Emerging Talent Award 2024

Deadline for applications: Sunday, Apr 21 2024 at 23:59 ·


Deadline for applications: Sunday, Apr 21 2024 at 23:59 ·

The Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU) announces the ninth edition of the “SRUK/CERU Emerging Talent Award”. The objective of this award is to recognise and support a young Spanish researcher with an outstanding professional trajectory in the UK, as well as to facilitate the dissemination of the prize-winner’s research to both Spanish and British societies. This Award is targeted to researchers who have demonstrated high potential, strong scientific outputs and mentoring and  leadership qualities.

Banco Santander Foundation sponsors this Award under its “Young Talent” programme. The “Young Talent” programme includes fellowships and specific actions, and was created with the purpose of funding the most innovative projects carried out by young scientists.

Award: It will consist of £14,000 to be invested in any aspect necessary for the development of the prize-winner’s career such as research-related tasks, acquisition of equipment, dissemination of recent results, specialised training for the researcher, family and working life balance support, etc. Activities that are in line with SRUK/CERU aims are especially encouraged. The prize-winner will also receive a commemorative sculpture made by the Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias.

Deadline for applications: 21st April, 2024, at 23:59 UK time.


  1. The candidate must demonstrate their research expertise in the fields of Natural Sciences or Engineering.
  2. The candidate must be of Spanish nationality and have spent at least 3 years of their research career in the United Kingdom immediately prior to applying for the award.
  1. The candidate must have at least three years of postdoctoral experience and be EITHER under 40 years of age OR have obtained their PhD within the last ten years by the date of the application deadline. Justifiable career breaks include maternity leave (18 months or longer by the documented amount of leave actually taken for each child born before or after the PhD award), paternity leave, adoption, serious sickness or caring responsibilities, will be taken into consideration. The jury reserves the right to request documentation for these.
  1. The candidate cannot have received the award in previous years.
  1. The candidate must be a regular member of SRUK/CERU at the time of application. Non-members of SRUK/CERU are welcome to apply as long as they fulfil all the requirements to become a regular member and they register before submitting this award application. Becoming a member of SRUK/CERU is immediate and it only requires filling in a form and paying the corresponding fee. For additional info, please, see here.
  2. SRUK/CERU supports gender equity and strongly encourages application from women and underrepresented groups. 

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Candidate need to proceed online by logging onto the SRUK/CERU member’s zone. The required documents are: 

  1. A report explaining the candidate’s most important achievements in their research career (maximum 2 pages A4, font Arial 11, 2 cm margin)
  2. Motivation letter (maximum 2 pages A4, font Arial 11, 2 cm margin) explaining how the candidate will make use of the prize (research, dissemination, training, help for family-working life balance, etc.) and the impact the award will have on the development of the candidate’s research career.
  3. Curriculum vitae (maximum 4 pages).
  4. Details of a referee (senior researcher in the discipline of the candidate). If needed, SRUK/CERU may contact the referee for further information, once the candidate has been shortlisted.

All these documents must be uploaded as a single PDF file.

EVALUATION: The applications will be assessed by a selection of members of the Scientific Advisory Board using the official evaluation criteria. The final awardee will be decided by a mixed jury. composed of members of the Board of Directors of SRUK/CERU, members of the Banco Santander Foundation and other partner institutions. We intend to inform the recipient of the “Emerging talent SRUK/CERU Award 2024” towards mid-June 2024.

The evaluation will take into consideration the following criteria:

  1. Importance of the candidate’s research work in their research field (40%).
  2. The candidate’s career progression after obtaining their PhD (40%). Most relevant career progression after the PhD must be done in the United Kingdom.
  3. Motivation and impact of the award for the candidate’s research career (20%). Motivation according to SRUK/CERU aims will be positively evaluated. 

Note that depending on the number of applications received SRUK/CERU might be unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates. 

AWARD CEREMONY: It will take place in an emblematic location in the United Kingdom, in the presence of the Director of Banco Santander Foundation and the President of SRUK/CERU. The date will be agreed on by the organisation and the prize-winner. The ceremony will include the presentation of the award and a talk given by the winner about their work and professional career. A reception and networking event will be held at the end of the ceremony. The prize-winner’s travel and accommodation expenses will be covered. 

For more information, please contact [email protected].

In case of disagreement between the English and Spanish version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

By applying to the SRUK/CERU Emerging Talent Award 2024 you agree with our Terms and Conditions. SRUK/CERU will share your data with reviewers and other members of the assessment panel to carry out the assessment process. You can consult our full terms and conditions regarding data sharing on


Deadline for applications: Sunday, Apr 21 2024 at 23:59 ·

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