SRUK/CERU On the Move Fellowships 2024

Deadline for applications: Friday, Feb 16 2024 at 23:59 ·


Deadline for applications: Friday, Feb 16 2024 at 23:59 ·

This fellowships are now closed.

You can see information about this year’s call and the structure of the fellowships. The 2025 call will be open in autumn 2024.

What are the On The Move fellowships?

The SRUK/CERU “On the Move” Fellowships are a bidirectional international mobility programme organised by SRUK/CERU and Crue, the latter being the largest association of Spanish Universities. This year, we are happy to announce its fourth edition!

The objective of this programme is to strengthen international collaborations between PhD students and researchers in the UK (SRUK/CERU members) and Spain (Crue Universities and research institutes) to:

  • Promote the contact between research groups in both countries.
  • Encourage the participation in European programmes.
  • Highlight Spanish Universities and affiliated Research Institutes in the UK.
  • Help researchers in Spain to establish contacts and gain experience with British groups.
  • Help researchers in the UK to contact with Spanish research groups to apply for return fellowships of European funding projects.

The programme offers a funded research placement of 3 months and up to 6 months for:

  • Pre- and post-doctoral researchers without a permanent position working at Spanish Crue Universities or research centres with academic affiliation (priority to pre-doctoral researchers).
  • Pre- and post-doctoral SRUK/CERU researchers (including research fellows) without a permanent position at British Universities or Research Institutions (priority to post-doctoral researchers).

Download the >Guidance for applicants<

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Application process

PHASE 1: Expression of interest

November 2023 – Expression of Interest Spanish Institutions

Phase 1 will compile Spanish Universities, British Universities, and research hosting groups in Spain interested in the admission of researchers for these placements during 2024. For this purpose:

  • The Spanish and British Universities should contact SRUK/CERU through [email protected] to arrange their participation.
  • The hosting groups in Spain need to complete this online Hosting Group Form.
  • Individuals interested in participate may contact their own institutions to encourage them to join.

If you are a participant and want to enjoy a research placement, you should wait until Phase 2, where you will find out whether your University participates in the programme as well as the list of hosting groups (you can also suggest a hosting group during Phase 2). You may want to contact now your University (research, international, or science policy departments) to make sure they are included in the programme.

PHASE 2: Applications

December 2023 – February 2024

Researchers interested in the funded research placements must be SRUK/CERU members to participate in the programme. If you are not an SRUK/CERU member and would like to take part in the program, please choose the suitable SRUK/CERU membership from our website and register prior to applying for this fellowship. If you are a researcher based in Spain, you will need to register as an SRUK/CERU Friend (free membership) in order to apply for this fellowship.

The applicants should choose their preferred hosting research group in Spain or in the UK, and then fill out the Applicant’s form online. Remember to generate a single PDF document as indicated in question 5 and, before submitting the online form, please send it to the contact that applies to your situation:

  • If you are a researcher in a Spanish University: send the PDF document to the contact person at your home University.
  • If you are an SRUK/CERU researcher in the UK: send the PDF document to it to [email protected].

Note 1: Only those researchers in Spain that belong to universities or institutions linked to those universities taking part in this program can apply for one of the fellowships.

Note 2: If there are no hosting groups suitable for the applicants but the applicants have a specific suggestion to make, please contact the [email protected] to add it to the list of hosting groups.

December 2023 – Expression of Interest UK Hosting Groups

Once we have identify Spanish Universities and research groups interested on sending researchers to the UK, we will open the call to UK based research groups to offer hosting.

  • The hosting groups in the UK need to complete this online Hosting Group Form and send it to [email protected]. Please do not request permissions to edit the form, just download the form (i.e., “File>Download”, then select PDF or Word format, the most suitable for you to complete the form), fill it out with your details, and send it to the aforementioned email.

PHASE 3: Evaluation

April 2024

During this stage, the Evaluating Committee will decide which applications are to be awarded the fellowships according to the selection criteria described in the bases of the call.

The provisional results will be made public on April 2024, and the applicants will have one calendar week to make allegations to the results.

The final results list will be made public at the end of April 2024.

PHASE 4: Research Placements

1st of May 2024 – 30th of April 2024

The awardees will have a period of one year starting one month after the results are made public to enjoy their placements. The awardees should complete a final report and a short survey of the research performed during the fellowship at the end of their placements.

If you have any question after reading the guidance, please contact us at [email protected]

For more information about the first edition, see this link and watch on YouTube the experience of our past participant María Fernández Muiños during her research placement at the University of Reading.


Deadline for applications: Friday, Feb 16 2024 at 23:59 ·

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