Report on the obstacles faced by UK-based researchers when applying for accreditation by Spain’s agency ANECA

Entry into the Spanish Higher Education System requires prior application to ANECA (Spain’s National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation). SRUK’s Science Policy Committee has carefully followed individual cases of members who have struggled with the application process, and put these obstacles forward to representatives of ANECA and the Spanish Ministry of Science.

We have put together the following report on the issue which not only describes these problems, but also includes our suggestions to improve the application procedure – by making it more transparent, efficient and amenable to international applications.

Report of Recommendations about R&D for Spain’s 2015 general election

This Report was put together by the Science Policy Committee, reviewed by the board of directors and discussed with the members of the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU). The Society represents around 500 members working on all scientific fields, including professors, principal investigators, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students, as well as private company employees and science communicators. Thus, the 2015 Report of Recommendations on R&D gathered the varied experience of our members, giving an interdisciplinary view of R&D.

Our suggestions were aimed to be considered by the Spanish political parties with a view to improving the science policy landscape in Spain ahead of the 2015 general election. To this end, we held meetings with political parties and the Secretary of State for R&D to present our Report.

Participation in call for evidence about “Estatuto del Personal Investigador Predoctoral en Formación”

SRUK/CERU contributed to the call for evidence concerning the Estatuto del Personal Investigador Predoctoral en Formación, organised by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The call for evidence follows the publication of a new ‘Real Decreto’ in 2018 to update the conditions of PhD students in Spain. You can read the original text here.

The Science Policy Department of SRUK/CERU continues to monitor the political activity in Spain regarding R&D

We contributed comments to the draft national plan on R&D published in July 2017 and we also analysed the manifestos of the main Spanish political parties after the first 100 days of the new Parliament. Both documents (in Spanish) are available below.

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