Report of recommendations on science policy “Por un país innovador” (September 2020)

The public presentation of “Por un país innovador” (“For an innovative country”) took place on the 10th of September and had more than 200 registrees. The presentation was recorded and you can watch it again below. This report contains a series of recommendations on science policy and is now available as a Creative Commons document, so please feel free to share it and use it however you think it fits the best. There is also an animation video available that summarises the main ideas in the document.

SRUK/CERU is holding meetings with representatives from political parties and the Spanish Ministries of Science and Innovation and Universities, which have expressed their interest in our recommendations. The Conversation Spain has also published an article on the issue, written by three members of our Science Policy Department.DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT (SPANISH)WATCH PUBLIC PRESENTATION (SPANISH)WATCH ANIMATION VIDEO (SPANISH)READ ARTICLE IN “THE CONVERSATION” (SPANISH)