The Midlands

The members of The Midlands constituency have very diverse scientific backgrounds, such as literature, natural sciences or engineering. This multidisciplinary is perfect for networking and sharing different ideas and experiences.

To date, our members come from all over Midlands, with a big community in both Birmingham and Nottingham. But we are also present in Leicester, Loughborough or Coventry to name a few more. Given our extension, we organise events in different cities and so we get to know each other while exploring the area better! Feel free to join in to one of our trips!

We also promote science through different events and workshops, from the renowned “Science in the Pub” where we learn from our best colleagues while drinking a pint, to trips to the botanical garden with our experts or the traditional Christmas dinner.

You are all welcome!

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Interesting Data

Date of constitution
February, 2014

Headquarters city

Contact info
[email protected]

Cities that form the constituency
Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham

Number of members