Cambridge has one of the best Universities in the world, which makes it a perfect scenario for scientific discussion and engagement of the public to the research of all kind. The University of Cambridge is the institution with more affiliates that have received a Nobel Prize, 96 in total since 1904. The main distinctiveness of our constituency is the presence in Cambridge of a strong and dynamic network of scientists concentrated in a relatively small town where the Spanish community plays a significant role. These aspects have facilitated SRUK/CERU to become known and to grow fairly easy.

The Cambridge constituency has an already well-established tradition to held outreach talks every two months in the Pub. We call them “Pint of knowledge” and they have been very diverse throughout this years. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 2017 was commemorated with a talk from Dr Deborah Pardo from the British Antartic Survey on “What happened when I spent a month in Antarctica with 75 international women scientists determined to change the world”, an engaging talk about Homeward Bound project and leadership in women attended by a large number of female researchers.

Furthermore, other social events are organized during the year such as our traditional summer barbecue which is always a great opportunity to gather with other members and know more researchers potentially interested in joining our society.

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Date of constitution
February, 2012

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[email protected]

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Cambridge, Norwich and Ely

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