Press Department

The SRUK/CERU Press Department consists of a motivated and enthusiastic team that informs the society about the different activities carried out and goals achieved by SRUK/CERU and its members.

The tasks of the press team are focused on planning and developing the communication strategy at SRUK/CERU with the aim to bridge scientists and society. The main goals of this department are the following:

  • To communicate the different activities carried out by SRUK/CERU members, making it possible to highlight their research and achievements
  • To promote scientific outreach so the general public can feel much closer to science and its new advances
  • To highlight the progress and evolution of SRUK/CERU and the activities carried out by its members

If you have further questions or want to be part of our team, you can always reach us at [email protected].

Current Team Members

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Sandra Álvarez Carretero

Director of the Press Department | Co-editor-in-chief of the SRUK Blog | SRUK Web Manager
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Laura Martínez Maestro

Co-director of SRUK radio
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David Ruiz Izuriaga

Director of the North West Constituency | Co-director of SRUK Radio | Member of Instagram Committee
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Margarita Segovia Roldán

Co-editor-in-chief of the SRUK Blog
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Alba Abad

Director of the Scotland Constituency | SRUK Blog editor
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Diego Alonso Álvarez

SRUK Blog editor
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Luis Moliner Cachazo

Online Manager of SRUK Blog
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Beatriz Castejón Vega

SRUK Blog editor | Member of Instagram Committee

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More about our Press Team

The tools we use in our department are the following:

– Press Invitations: these documents are used to inform both national and regional media about the events organised by the SRUK/CERU constituencies.
– Press Releases: these media publications are used to summarise the most relevant information of an event organised by the SRUK/CERU or an event where the society has participated as a guest.
– Research Highlights: these scientific publications serve to communicate an outstanding piece of work carried out by an SRUK/CERU member.
– Scientific Outreach: activities with which the department aims to communicate the scientific knowledge achieved at SRUK/CERU through the radio program “En Fase Experimental” and the SRUK Blog. These initiatives have both SRUK/CERU members and guests as collaborators, who give their own points of view about current scientific topics they are involved in.

Given that information is currently transmitted mostly online, the Press Department has joined forces with the Online Department. In that way, both departments work closely together to develop and communicate SRUK/CERU activities in a clear, transparent, quick, and truthful manner to the society.