Team category: Press Department

<h3><strong>[This department is currently inactive until further notice. We are only keeping this page alive for our virtual archive. All the tasks that used to be carry out by the Press Department are now shared between the Outreach and the Online Departments. Please get in touch with their members if you need assistance with any issue that used to be addressed by the Press Department]</strong></h3> <p>The SRUK/CERU Press Department consists of a motivated and enthusiastic team that informs the society about the different activities carried out and goals achieved by SRUK/CERU and its members.</p> <p>The tasks of the press team are focused on planning and developing the communication strategy at SRUK/CERU with the aim to bridge scientists and society. The main goals of this department are the following:</p> <ul> <li>To communicate the different activities carried out by SRUK/CERU members, making it possible to highlight their research and achievements</li> <li>To promote scientific outreach so the general public can feel much closer to science and its new advances</li> <li>To highlight the progress and evolution of SRUK/CERU and the activities carried out by its members</li> </ul>

Sandra Álvarez Carretero

Laura Martínez Maestro

Margarita Segovia Roldán

Luis Moliner Cachazo

María Camacho Encina

Alex Arrese-Igor

María del Carmen Garcia de Soria

Francisco Martín-Martínez