Press Department

The press office is formed by a motivated and enthusiastic team that have the overarching aim of communicating SRUK/CERU activities and disseminating the achievements of its members.

The main aims of the SRUK/CERU Press office are:

– To promote the outcomes of our members’ research.
– To promote scientific outreach.
– To inform and highlight the work and achievements of the activities and actions carried out by the SRUK/CERU members.

Let us know if you have further questions or want to be part of our team!

Current Team Members

Beatriz Castejón Vega

Director of the Press Department | Member of Instagram Committee

Sandra Álvarez Carretero

Co-editor-in-chief of the SRUK Blog | Secretary of the London constituency | SRUK Webmaster

Margarita Segovia Roldán

Co-editor-in-chief of the SRUK Blog

Laura Martínez Maestro

Co-director SRUK radio

David Ruiz Izuriaga

Director of the North West Constituency | Co-director of SRUK Radio | Member of Instagram Committee

Alba Abad

Director of the Scotland Constituency | SRUK Blog editor

Diego Alonso Álvarez

SRUK Blog editor

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More about our Press Team

We use:

– Press invitations: these documents are used to promote events organised by the SRUK/CERU constituencies to the national and regional media.
– Press releases: they are used to summarise the most relevant information of an event organised by the SRUK/CERU.
– Articles: these media publications serve to communicate an outstanding piece of work done by an SRUK/CERU member. As well, the Press Office facilitates the production of opinion articles that discuss current “hot” topics.