Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of SRUK/CERU is formed by 17 directors elected by our SRUK/CERU members. This executive committee defines the strategic plan to follow for the growth and consolidation of SRUK/CERU, and pursues the aims of the society.

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Current Team Members

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Claudia Román

President SRUK/CERU
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Pilar Acedo

Roving Director
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Jorge Mellado Muñoz

Chief Secretary
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Carmen Sánchez Cañizares

Director of Institutional Relations | Former SRUK/CERU President
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Jose Luis Chinestra Colom

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Desirée Villahermosa Caballero

Director of the Department of International Collaborations
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Javier Pardo Díaz

Director of Science Policy Department
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Elisabet Batlle Rocafort

Director of the Communication and Online Department | Chair of the Instagram Committee
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Sandra Álvarez Carretero

Director of the Press Department | Co-editor-in-chief of the SRUK Blog | SRUK Web Manager
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Berta Gallego Páramo

Director of the London Constituency | Design Committee member
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Alba Abad

Director of the Scotland Constituency | SRUK Blog editor
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David Ruiz Izuriaga

Director of the North West Constituency | Co-director of SRUK Radio | Member of Instagram Committee
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Irene Echeverria Altuna

Director of the Oxford Constituency
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Ana López Ramírez

Director of the Cambridge Constituency
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Miguel Ángel Aleñá

Director of the Midlands Constituency
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Ana Viñuela

Director of the North East Constituency
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Eduardo Oliver

SRUK/CERU Ambassador in Spain

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More about our Executive Committee

The Directors in charge of the general management and the departments are elected during our Annual General Assembly. SRUK/CERU is organized in 4 departments: International Collaborations, Science Policy, Press, and Communications.

In addition, SRUK/CERU is organised in eight established Regional Constituencies across the UK, whose directors are elected by their local members and are also part of our Executive Committee.