Jorge Mellado Muñoz

Chief Secretary

Involvements in SRUK

I graduated in Physics from the University of Murcia in 2016. I took my last year abroad at the University of Birmingham thanks to the Erasmus program. By the end of my degree, I had developed a taste for experimentalism. My first contact with experimental physics was through internships in Murcia. Later in Birmingham, I fell in love with cold atom systems in the lab during my final year project. Thus, I did not hesitate to accept the offer of my supervisor when he offered me to start a PhD in experimental quantum thermodynamics with ultracold atomic mixtures. During my PhD, I had the chance to study ultracold atom systems that reached quantum degeneracy and how they are affected by external dissipation. I also started the development of the very first single-atom quantum engine. After my PhD, I joined the Center for Cold Matter in Imperial College as a postdoc. I am currently developing an experiment to measure the electron EDM using laser-cooled YbF molecules trapped in an optical lattice.