Carmen San Martin Las Heras

Current Board of Directors

I am fully qualified in laboratory clinical analysis. I started working in private sector laboratories in Madrid, Spain where I also had extensive administration and leadership duties.

I moved from the private sector to the NHS in UK.   Whilst I was working, I studied for the HNC in Applied Biology and then Biomedical Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University.  I also completed several in-house courses. As a result, I passed the scientific oral examination in the pathology specialised area of haematology, which lead to me becoming a member of the IBMS and officially state registered with HCPC, (Health and Care Professions Council).

Whilst I was working in the NHS Pathology profession, I was promoted to Advanced BMS which allowed me to have greater leadership roles. I also studied for a Master of Pathological Science degree from Sheffield Hallam University, where  I got involved at SHU in a project research in optimisation of 9AA matrix application by sublimation for the detection of metabolites in gastric cancer FFPE TMAs/tissues sessions using MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry.

To further my knowledge and experience, I also took the opportunity to visit various NHS organisations whilst working in the UK, this gave me extra insight and ideas of ways to improve an organisation.

Following my extensive professional career, I decided to take a slightly different career pathway by continuing to study and complete a Leadership and Management course from Institute of Biomedical Science and a Foundation of Leadership and Management within an Organisation from MMU. Both courses were extremely beneficial to my career progression and very informative.

I am currently keeping updated in leadership/management and industrial psychology courses, which is all part of my continued professional development.

Also, I am a member of Society of Spanish Researchers in United Kingdom,SRUK/CERU, where I gradually got involved in the organisation as Deputy Treasurer. Currently I hold the post of Treasurer within organisation.